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      sustainability Sustainability for Kids

      Help kids learn a little more about where their clothes come from and why it’s important to look after our planet.

        • Sustainability is all about KINDNESS and RESPECT for NATURE, PEOPLE and ANIMALS. When we say our products are sustainable, it means that when they are made, they do the following:
          – Care for NATURE—so that our planet stays healthy and we have open, green spaces to give all of the world’s plants and animals a happy home.
          – Care for the PEOPLE involved in making them—from the people who grow the crops to our employees, so that everyone has a happy life.
          – Care for our ANIMAL friends—so that they stay happy and healthy.
        • We want plants, animals and people to live a long, happy life and we want to make sure our planet is healthy for years to come.
        • To help make sure that our clothes look after NATURE, PEOPLE and ANIMALS, we use sustainably-sourced fabrics as much as possible. We are always searching for new ways to make our clothes more sustainable.

      Learn a little more about the fabrics we use below.


      The organic cotton that we use is better for the environment than regular cotton because it uses less water and doesn’t use harmful chemicals. This keeps the soil healthy, doesn’t pollute the planet and means that the farmers stay healthy, too!

      To guarantee that it is organic, we use cotton certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and OCS (Organic Content Standard). The GOTS ensures that a minimum of 70% of fibres are organic, and the OCS ensures that 100% are organic.



      We use a lot of viscose in our collections because it is natural and biodegradable. But viscose comes from trees—wood pulp to be exact—so it is important to make sure that it comes from forests that are properly looked after and aren’t endangered. To ensure this, all of our viscose comes from sustainably-managed forests in Sweden.

      Every year more than 120 million trees are torn down just to make fabric, many of which come from ancient or endangered forests. This is called deforestation, and it’s one of the main reasons for climate change. That’s why we’re so passionate about using sustainably-sourced fabrics.


      We also use Tencel, which is very similar to viscose because it is also made from wood pulp. We also use sustainably-managed forests for our Tencel, but what sets it apart from viscose is that it recycles any chemicals used, therefore using much less.


      There is so much raw material already on the earth, in use or on its way to landfill, why not use what we already have instead of making more? At Stella, we reuse fabrics that would normally become waste to recycle them into new fabrics.

      This means less waste! And it also uses much less energy than making new fabrics, which makes our planet much happier and healthier.


      The recycled polyester that we use is made by collecting pre-consumer textile waste no longer needed. Pre-consumer waste is fibre, fabric and clothing that is collected before it ever reaches a store. This is then broken down and processed to create new polyester fibre and is just as high-quality as ordinary polyester.


      The recycled nylon that we use comes from pre-consumer waste and post-consumer waste (waste that has already been used by people). The post-consumer waste comes from products at the end of their life, like fishing nets, fabric and carpet fibres. Our main supplier of recycled nylon is ECONYL?, which you will see on listed on a lot of our products.

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